I know who you really are. I sense the fullness of your spirit and the possible paths to your higher becoming. I see you, I feel you. And I have only gratitude for your life already lived and for the enormous beauty and potential that you are able to give to this world

                                                                                                                                                         ~ Jean Houston

True well-being is possible

You are the medicine

My own history

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I'm Oksana Sokol and I was raised on a predominantly raw food diet after a severe asthma attack at the age of 2 that nearly cost my life. As I grew older and gained control over my food choice, I began eating and drinking whatever I wanted, blissfully unaware of the effects on my body. It wasn’t until a heartbreak that sent me to rock bottom and forced me to address my lifestyle choices that started my inquiry back to raw food. 

Inspired by Dr. Normal Walker, I started my inquiry into detox and went on my first detox retreat. I haven’t look back ever since. 

My passion for detox, both inside and outside of the body, is infectious and I’m on a mission to help you to transform any stagnation and limiting beliefs into positive energy. Especially helping and solving digestive system questions.

The road to recovery is also redefining, with its many turns and corners, it’s reinventing and fortifying a new way of being. By becoming empowered as a Yoga Barn Detox Facilitator I now leads others to improve their well-being with coaching, food, movement and lifestyle choices as well as successfully guiding individuals through personalised cleansing and detox programs.

Yoga for me is a way of life, consciously living every moment of the day aligning my values with my actions and connections. I create retreats and experiences with the ultimate goal of sharing ideas and inspiration about living a fuller, a more enriched life.


With numerous yoga training’s and certifications I now primarily teach and practice Yoga Synergy. I also incorporate my classes in all the retreats that I host.

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Nothing beats a reboot of energies and direction like a dedicated Detox. By the end you are going to feel like a totally new You! A bright-eyed spritely version of you full of energy and aliveness. That's how quickly it can happen. So if you've been feeling stuck.. in habits or in your emotions, that haven't been doing you any good, give yourself this experience to see what magic can happen. And you'll learn so much too, because I focus on education rather than just giving you the experience. So that later in life, you’re able to do on your own.

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Yoga can help improve your life because it gets you to move. You move your spine, you move your limbs, and you get motion through each joint complex. You create different shapes with your body where you otherwise would never get into in your average day. But most importantly you get to move energy and information throughout your whole body from head to toe, energy which otherwise is not accessible to the organs and meridians. Yoga is a science -> Practice… all is coming. In support of your practice, perfect for beginners I’m teaching Yoga online.

Uncooked, unheated food is one of the most natural healing anti age life styles we can learn to utilise in our endevours for optimal health. Alive, full of enzymes, nutrient dense, mineralised, bursting with life phytonutrients and angstroms, raw living food is by far the most natural diet for humans. By consuming raw food we can expect extraordinary health benefits. It stirs abundant energy and vitality, weight control, reversal or slowing of aging, balances emotions, clears the mind and gives us optimal health. Changes can be felt even within a short 24 hour period.

Ways to Work With Me

My own health challenges led me to immerse and practice nutrition with living foods and energy healing. Through nature, connection and the ability to grasp the moment of wellness I have set out to make my life my fullest expression, could life itself be my art.


How do I Work

I freely offer my services. We are part of the new human revolution, we are rewriting the future through new businesses aligned with a new system that models back to nature and the principles of life itself. 


Digital businesses put people first; working by donation is the foundation for future financial transactions where true care and bonds of affection are the base of it all.

So there are two types to be able to acquire my services: zero-based donations or minimum donations.


Zero based donations means it is given freely. You may give absolutely anything that inspires you to be the most accurate determinant of your currency, including zero as a financial exchange. People are first; and the needs of people come first.


Minimum donation, give what you wish to give. – it's basically the same but without the option of given zero value.


So through the combination of Detox, Nature and Yoga, I offer the following services:

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Detox & Digestion Consultation

Ending your digestive & nutrition issues with the best approach to you.

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Personal check-in sessions to compliment your online detox program for individual goal setting, and guidance towards your success and growth.

Online Yoga Classes

Wake up your body, discover you biggest strengths. Focusing in gentle movements to help you have a boost of energy and feel relaxed at the same time.

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Detox Retreat

Reboot yourself from inside out. Either in a group or individual experience. A really special way to take care of you and your health.


 Green For Life: 15 Years Raw

Realise your health opportunity in this 90min movie

Many people know that we should eat more greens, but rarely do any of us truly enjoy our kale or wheatgrass. For the first time in a history a remarkable enjoyable way of consuming the necessary amount of greens has been created by blending the greens with fruit. From this smoothie, the body can absorb the essential nutrients much more efficiently.


Victoria visited Australia to share the wealth of information she gained over the last 15 years - taking her family’s deteriorating health into her own hands and leading them on the road to full recovery. Freedom from debilitating issues, no reliance on medication and into a life of strength and vitality was possible through her research journey to the green smoothie phenomenon.


Victoria Boutenko - 15 Years Raw takes us through her mistakes and successes, sharing invaluable nutritional facts and finding. This is a must have nutritionaL DVD which will continue to amaze.


Learn about: candida, diabetes, toxicity and deficiency and how to restore your body to optimum health.

"Oksana is a spiritual yoga teacher in a natural way. She fills the practices with her knowledge and joy in a calm manner. Always ready to demonstrate and sensitive to her students needs, she makes the practice enjoyable."


Purchase Detox Herbs


Parasite Cleanse

Powerful herbal formula Anti-Parasite & Anti-Diarrhea. Combats food poisoning, heals gut. Use code 'oksana' on checkout for 10% discount in all purchases.

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Basic Cleanse

Feel better, release weight, reduce inflammation and move stagnations in this 4 week herbal program. Use code 'oksana' on checkout for 10% discount in all purchases.


Adrenal Builder

Supports and rebuilds Adrenal Glands. Helps fight Chronic Fatigue & Tiredness. Supports the nervous system. Use code 'oksana' on checkout for 10% discount in all purchases.

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