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Learn how to get the best nutritional value from greens and restore your body to optimum health. 

Many people know that we should eat more greens, but rarely do any of us truly enjoy our kale or wheatgrass. For the first time in a history a remarkable enjoyable way of consuming the necessary amount of greens has been created by blending the greens with fruit. From this smoothie, the body can absorb the essential nutrients much more efficiently.


Victoria visited Australia to share the wealth of information she gained over the last 15 years - taking her family’s deteriorating health into her own hands and leading them on the road to full recovery. Freedom from debilitating issues, no reliance on medication and into a life of strength and vitality was possible through her research journey to the green smoothie phenomenon.

Victoria Boutenko - 15 Years Raw takes us through her mistakes and successes, sharing invaluable nutritional facts and finding. This is a must have nutritionaL DVD which will continue to amaze.

Learn about: candida, diabetes, toxicity and deficiency and how to restore your body to optimum health.

Green For Life: 15 Years Raw Video

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