How do I Work

I freely offer my services. We are part of the new human revolution, we are rewriting the future through new businesses aligned with a new system that models back to natural life principles.


Digital businesses put people first; working by donation is the foundation for future financial transactions where true care is at the core.

So there are two types to be able to acquire my services: zero-based donations or a minimum donations.


Zero based donations means it is given freely. You may give absolutely anything that inspires you to be the most accurate determinant of your currency, including zero as a financial exchange. People are first; and the needs of people come first.


And a set minimum donation, allows you to give what you want above the minimum. 


So through the combination of Detox, Nature and Yoga, Please book the following services:


Detox & Digestion Consultation

Do you suffer from any of these common digestive symptoms?

- Difficulty in losing weight
- Burping after eating, that smells or taste bad
- Heartburn or acid reflux
- Gas and/or bloating that last several hours after a meal
- A heavy, stuck feeling after you eat
- Regular feelings of lethargy, moodiness & a lack of motivation

Such symptoms manifest from a poor digestive system. Oksana offers a unique approach to gut health and optimising nutrition to help you sustain proper and complete digestion, alleviating these symptoms and helping you lead a more conscious, harmonious and meaningful life.

You will leave with a tangible understanding on where to focus and a protocol on how to move forward. This is also for you if you are looking for guidance in nutrition, relationships with food, cycles of addictions, weight and body image, correct food combining, better mental health, the detox process, proper nutrient absorption, or any other digestive related issues. 

She can also coach you in raw vegan and transitionary lifestyles. ‘Whats missing” &  guiding people into healthier ways of living and diet. I also do energetic work using Pranic Healing. 

You may just feel the call to connect to optimise your health, you may be curious about how food can assist you, you may have an acute health presentation, you may have a chronic health condition, you may be in the depths of a severe health crisis. Wherever you may be on your journey, she is here to guide, advise and support you towards optimal health and wellbeing.

HOW TO BOOK: To book an appointment go to the end of this page and click in the Detox & Digestion Consultation link and find the most suitable time for you. In support of the economical times and various countries currencies that do not always stack up against the US dollar. I offer three payment options for you to pay as is appropriate to you. I wish to make my services available to everyone so that no one needs to be excluded. You may always donate more at a later time.




Personal Goal Setting & Accountability

Compliment your online detox program for individual goal setting.

Book x3 30 min personal check-in sessions with Oksana to compliment your online detox program for individual goal setting, and guidance towards your success and growth.

HOW TO BOOK: To book an appointment go to the end of this page and click in the Personal Goal Setting link and find the most suitable time for you and then if you wish to contribute back for the session, you just need to come back here and click the donate button below:





Daily, Weekly & Monthly Yoga Passes

7am Monday, Thursday, Saturday Singapore Time Online

Come try Yoga Synergy classes held 3 times per week!

Yoga is a science -> With practice all is coming. But we need to start, and if we’ve let our practice slip, we can gently nudge ourselves back into the discipline. 

Join Yoga Synergy classes
Classes are 1.15 hrs long 7-8:15am Bali/Singapore Time - 3 times a week. 

Yoga Synergy is fantastic for spinal tension or any back pain. There is a strong focus on unsupported postures that create stability and strength over time with what sometimes looks like the smallest movement.

The upside to practicing in a relaxed and calm way is that the practice builds effortlessly, and we get to access more complex poses more gracefully. 

This pass also gives you access to all class recordings in case you aren't able to make it to the live classes, or you'd like to repeat at a future time. These recordings are yours to keep.

When booking, please mention your practice experience and anything you may be working on. 

HOW TO BOOK: To book go to the end of this page and click in the Yoga Pass of Choice and then if you wish to contribute you just need to come back here and click the Donate button below:


*The opening sessions in the calendar are illustrative for you to pick the start date, once confirmed we will email you the Zoom link to access to the classes.




Ming Herbs

A state of detoxing is created by abstaining from the digestion of foods, ideally whilst juicing or on water. However, we can also use the intelligence of plants to enhance the detoxification process, to push energy and target specific organs or conditions so they can release accumulated waste and stagnant deposits, as well as expel parasites. Poor gut health will negatively affect all the other organs and the ability to nourish the body properly.

That’s why using herbs to target the removal of waste from the intestines is imperative to having a successful detox, it just speeds everything up. Many of the herbs can also be used alongside your clean-eating plan: you don’t necessarily need to just do a liquid cleanse to benefit.

Colon Cleanse or intestinal broom herbs should be your number 1 go to as your foundation to any cleansing protocol. Then you need to decide which organ or function improvement you want to aim for – it might be to clean the kidney & lymphatic system, or to improve liver function, or perhaps it’s time to do your yearly parasite cleanse.


Having low energy and a variety of symptoms that develop into diseases result mainly from accumulated waste and parasites in the gut. Use plant intelligence to get the results you need. Be mindful to get wildcrafted, organic, untreated herbs from a reputable company that wants you to get results and doesn’t add fillers and use crap in their ingredients. If you have a brand you want me to check for you please contact me.


You can also order from ming.herbs and get 10% off by using my name as the code: ' oksana '.

They have one of the largest selections of herbs I know ~ a real one stop shop for anything you may need support with.


From eyes to veins, to nerves, metal and chemical detox, lump cyst busters, prostate health to thyroid support, they have it all.

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